As a vintage theme lover, you may have collected bunches of vintage things and one of them is vintage suitcases. You may also have come across many activities using that vintage stuff until you realize that some of those suitcases end up cluttering some parts of your house. Worry not! We’ve got you covered with the ideas of reusing them for your home décor!

  • A Vintage Table for Two?

One of the ideas of reusing your vintage suitcases is transforming it into a table. The supplies that you need to make it are four table legs, a Sharpie pen, some paint, a drill, some heavy plates, some screws, and of course your skills to do such job.

Here how to make it: paint the table legs in any color you want. As a reference, in this picture, the color which is used in the Annie Sloan’s Napoleonic Blue which is after that waxed with dark wax. You can also choose the paint color based on the other furniture’s color which you place in the same room with this table later. It is all up to you. Then, make some holes at which you will attach the heavy plates to your table legs with the help of Sharpie pen and drill, and finally attach the heavy plates and screw in the table legs. And finished!

  • A Vintage Seed Box for Your Spring

What kind of preparation do you usually have for your spring? Why don’t add a vintage seed box to beautify the beautiful spring? Here is how.

First, prepare your supplies. They are a suitcase, some vintage papers such as a reproduction image, some polish, and the skill of styling your box. Next, make over the inner side of your suitcase with the vintage papers. In this step, you can actually use the paper from a seed catalogue or calendar. If you think the paper cannot cover the entire surface, you can add another paper to have a complete look. Then, if your wooden suitcase has scratched up outer lid, you can polish it with some Old English furniture polish. Don’t forget to clean it up. Once the polish is dry, you can start put some stuff into your seed box. It can be veggies, flowers, or other garden related stuff.

After reading this article, don’t let your vintage suitcases become clutter. We’ve chosen simplest gorgeous ideas of reusing the suitcases for you along with the complete list of the supplies and the simple steps to follow. Go try them!