Are you into beautifying orchards? Do you want to give a vintage touch to your orchards? Well, you just landed in the perfect article that will inspire you a lot. If you are also into vintage, these following two ideas for your vintage painted orchard baskets can be a yes go.

Get inspired from Martha Stewart’s Vintage Orchard Basket

Martha Steward really nailed the basket! The live-in look really transformed an ordinary orchard basket into something incredible. However, to create such orchard baskets, you need some special supplies. One of them is Martha Steward Crafts Vintage Décor Paint. The recommended colors can be up to your choice, but she did recommend certain colors: Antiques Sky, Clear Wax, Eucalyptus, and Wedding Cake.

In addition to the supplies, you also need paints brush. Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Décor does provide this stuff. Besides, you also need cotton cloth, sandpaper, and of course orchard baskets.

The steps to make it are as follow: first, paint the orchard baskets with your chosen color. You basically can choose any colors as long as they suit your room.  After that, smooth the painted surface with the sandpaper. Finally, using cotton cloth, apply a layer of Clear Wax and then wait until it is dry before using.

One More Getting Inspired from Buttery Yellow

Here comes another idea from an upcycled to a buttery yellow. It is a vintage orchard bushel basket. This kind of basket will be perfect for any season. While it suits Summer and Spring seasons perfectly, it can also be carried through the Thanksgiving or your upcoming Autumn. In short, it fits for any lovely season. This basket is also nice for a farmhouse-designed room, making it cuter. Cottage or country decors will also get along well with this kind of basket.

This fresh buttery yellow paint basket can be made from a vintage splint wood. Speaking of its function, you can store many things such as your favorite seasonal flowers or towels. Yet, if you plan on using it for fresh flowers, make sure you fil the basket with a pail, so the flowers won’t be witted easily.

Making a gorgeous vintage painted orchard basket is no longer a big deal. From those two ideas above we can conclude that playing with proper colors contributes a significant look to orchard baskets. You better plan on choosing the colors wisely. Not only does it need to be beautiful, it also needs to suit your room.