Laundry room is not just a room. The perfect design of it cannot be despised. Its lovely makeover ideas like using vintage style can bring a charming touch for your home. Here we show you the best designs of a vintage laundry room that will make you want to spend in it more.

  • Giant Safety Pin for the Vintage Touch

Have you ever imagined that safety pin can contribute a lot in making vintage vibe? Look at how they do their job in a vintage makeover!

The things you need to do in executing this makeover idea are indeed a set of three safety pin plaques. These things may be rare but actually you can get them from a flea market. Choose the ones having meticulous details even until the tiniest.  Those huge safety pins actually come in many different finish and designs. Some of them may be in the style of the late 19th and some others may be in the style of 20th centuries. Choose the style that you like the most!

In addition to the use of the huge safety pins, you can also add a wooden like sign like the laundry dictionary definition sign in the picture. If possible, you may also add a vintage lamp to beautify your laundry room more.

  • Butcher Block to Beautify the Folding Block

Change the scenery of your laundry room with this makeover idea! Using this makeover idea enables you to take out some lower cabinets. So, instead of using  base cabinet, you can go with turned table legs in Chimney Smoke.

As depicted in the picture, the awesome turned legs table is topped off with a reclaimed wood butcher block counter tops. Believe or not, it is just a handmade! In making this later, make sure you maintain the woods’ original rustic character.

Moving on to another touch, do you find some cluttering items in your laundry rooms? We’ve got you covered to solve this problem. Put shelves on each end of the counter tops on which you can place some baskets. On more touch, update the knobs of your cabinet into the glass ones to strengthen the look.

From the two carefully chosen make over ideas above, doing makeover to your laundry room will no longer be a big deal. Making over it is as simply as making a handmade stuff from a reclaimed wood or buying some safety pins that would be easily found near you. So, how do you want your laundry room?