Home décor is a very interesting thing to do. Moreover if you apply the right decoration for your home, a lot of people will be very glad to visit it. There are some styles to pick, such as shabby chic, vintage, industrial, and many more. If you like vintage style, these vintage homes will make you want to be a time traveler.

  1. London’s Café

In this London café, one side of the wall is decorated with white painted brick and it is decorated with wood and painted furniture. The home style is inspired by this London café and it is also using the brick, wood, and painted furniture for decoration. The gold hanging lamp and wooden floor give more vintage atmosphere in it.

  1. Industrial Style

The second inspiration is adopting an industrial style for the bedroom. It has iron bed frames and some monochrome paintings on the wall. Besides, it also has a brick wall on one side and decorated with vintage decoration.  Those elements add the retro industrial for this bedroom and for you who like this theme can adopt it for your bedroom as well.

  1. Spacious Home Office

This home office is decorated with wooden theme, such as the floor, the shelves, the lamp, the table, and the chair. The use of woods here add more vintage atmosphere in it. The walls are also decorated with brick and a giant picture and they also add the vintage atmosphere for this room.

  1. Vintage Dining Room

The next room to explore is the dining room. You can decorate your dining room with this wooden theme, from the wall, decoration, furniture, to shelves. The vintage chandelier is places in the middle of the room and it adds more vintage atmosphere. The wall is painted black and decorated with chalk or it is even called chalkboard wall. These overall concepts are very natural and very close to the farmhouse theme.

  1. White Cabinets

The kitchen is decorated with a rustic table in the middle which is very related to the retro style. The white cabinet on one side of the room makes it more old-fashioned. The white painted wall is a match to the cabinets and they add a warm atmosphere for the kitchen itself. The floor that is used is like the mid-century floor and the additional rustic rug below the table adds some sweetness for the kitchen.