Rustic décor ideas are very suitable for you who like to have rustic theme for your home. The materials are easy to find and you can also repurpose and reuse the old furniture, in which it will save you more money. Moreover, you can make them by yourself as they are pretty simple and easy to do.

  • Rustic Wall Sconces

These rustic wall sconces are very useful for placing flowers, candle, or any small things. You just need wooden planks with different sizes, mason jars, rope, hose clamp, screw and drill, and paint. Firstly, you need to paint the mason jars and drill the hose clamp to the wood planks. Place the mason jars inside the hose clamps and hang it on the wall using nails or rope. Then, add the flowers, candle, or even your coins in it.

  • Twig Hook

The second décor idea is twig hook. Similar to its name, it is made from twig and it is pretty simple to make. You just need several twigs, wooden frame, nails, and hammer. Basically, you just need to nail the twigs on the wooden frame. Remember to clean the twig before using it, or you can paint it with varnish to make it shinier.

  • Rustic Photo Frame

The rustic photo frame is very useful for decorating your wall. You will need several wooden frames with different sizes. Then, you just need to attach the smaller frames to the biggest one. To make it more rustic, you can use black and white photos and you can add some quotes on it.

  • Chevron Wooden Arrows

Similar with rustic photo frame, this chevron wooden arrows are useful to décor your wall. You will need several wooden planks, paint, mending plates, and wood glue. Firstly, paint your arrow with your desired color. After that, stack the wooden planks together in the arrow shape and secure them with mending plates and wood glue.

  • Rustic Towel Ladder

For this décor, you are can make your own ladder or you can reuse the old ladder. For using the old ladder, you are suggested to clean it thoroughly and cover it with paint. Then, you need to secure it again with nails if necessary. Moreover, instead of towel, you can also use it for blanket storage.

  • Wooden Pallet Signs

This last décor is similar to chevron wooden arrows, but this signs contain some words in them. The materials are similar and you just need to use pencil to sketch the words.