Are you planning to make your own bookshelf? If yes, you need to be creative in making it to be different from others. Then, you will need to prepare the tools such as the woods, wood glue, screw, measurement tape, paint, and drill.

  1. Toscana Bookshelf

The first bookshelf is the Toscana shelf and the size will be 76 ¼”x17”x70 ¼”. This bookshelf is different since it has unique shape. It basically has 4 levels and it is secured with two woods at the back, and these woods are used to balance the shelf itself.

  1. Bookshelf from Crates

The second bookshelf is made from crates. The crates can be found from the thrift store and it is pretty cheap. However, you need to smooth the crates using the sandpaper. In making this shelf, you can stack them and then secure them using wood glue and screw.

  1. Simple Bookshelf

The third bookshelf is the simple one. It is the same as the bookshelf sold at store. In making it, you just need to cut 3 pieces of woods with 2 pieces in 33 ½” and one piece in 24”. Then, stack them and secure them using the wood glue and screw. Then, to make it more beautiful, you can paint it with your favorite color.

  1. Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

The additional material you need in making this shelf is the pipe itself. The pipes are used to support the woods. You need to drill the hole and screw it to make the shelf stronger. This design is very unique and if like the vintage house, this design will be very suitable for you.

  1. Rustic Bookshelf

This rustic bookshelf is also useful if you like vintage theme. In making it is more or less the same as making the simple bookshelf. The only difference is that the paint used is the clear vanish to strengthen the vintage theme.

  1. Rolling Bookshelf

Rolling bookshelf is also the same with rustic bookshelf. The only difference is that his rolling bookshelf uses wheels to make it easy to move.

  1. Wall Bookshelf

Wall bookshelf is useful if you want to save more spaces in your house. This shelf is placed on the wall and in making it is pretty easy; you just need to cut the wood with the desired size and secure them using nails. If you want to, you can polish them using paint. The, you need drill and screw to hang the shelf to the wall.