The idea of transforming an old thing into something new is brilliant. The following projects don’t only modify or fix those things. Instead, they repurpose it and giving it a new life. This kind of projects is the answer for a unique piece of furniture that matches your taste. Find your inspiration here.

  • Bench from Old Dresser

The old dresser can be break down a little bit and we can use the bottom drawers and the rest of the back, or even without the back, as the platform. Add cushion over the bottom drawers after repainting the dresser as you want it. Now you have a cushioned bench with storage space as well at once.

  • Bench from Old Bed

The old bed may not fit your house anymore but it is still valuable for your back garden. You will need to cut a lot of the board and use a small part of it as the base platform. Incorporate the wooden planks in a certain structure and you get an outdoor bench with storage just under the cushion.

  • Display Shelves from Old Door

You are going to need to remove the center part of the door and add shelves to the back. It requires good measurement so the shelves are perfect fit when you lean the door on the wall. It makes a rustic display platform, giving your house more storage space as well at the same time.

  • Kitchen Island from Old Dresser

The basic structure and platform of a dresser is basically similar to a small kitchen cabinet. You need to make some handy works on it, but it will make an excellent kitchen island. Remove some of the drawers so you have storage with easy access to grab the bowls and plates. Refinish it if you want to for a new brilliant look.

  • Wine Rack from Old Dresser

The old dresser will be a great wine rack if you know what to remove. Remove the two drawers from the bottom and work with the inside. Add some more wood planks to give the wine bottles appropriate case, while the top drawer can be kept for needed stuffs while serving the wine.

There are more than enough options of furniture transformations you should try. They give the piece a new life and function, which makes a decent addition to your house as well. Which one is your favorite?