Hanging shelves have been great alternatives when it comes to additional storage for neater house. This project is special considering the result. The hanging shelves are simply easy to make. It makes more sense for a display even though it will make an effective storage as well. Let’s learn how to make it.


  • Wooden boards
  • Towel metal rings
  • Rope cord
  • Drill
  • Saw Scissor

The Making Steps

1First, we need to prepare the shelf. In this picture, the 24 inches board is cut in half lengthwise, creating two sizes of board with the same measurements. Each board will be used for a shelf. In alternative to cutting it, you can buy boards with the right measurement you want.

Using the drill, make two holes for the rope on each end of the board. You can eyeball it first before drilling to make sure you get the exact distances between holes. Carefully drill the board form the surface to the back so the rope can go through it.

2Take the rope cord and measure the length you need. The length should be enough to hang it from the top down through the shelf with some more hanging. This project using 40 inches long cord that is cut into two pieces. Fold both pieces together and place the folded end underneath the towel metal ring. Pull the cord to make a knot at the metal ring.

3Spread the two strands and then pull each of the strands in a hole. Repeat the same thing on the other end of the board. Adjust the length of your rope cord so it has your desired length and consistent measurement. Tie a knot at the base and neatly trim the end of each cord. Now, hang your shelves.

Additional Tips

  • You should consider finishing the wooden boards if you want other colors as well. Any color should work well and remains rustic anyway due to the material used. Make sure to make holes first before painting the wood, so you can finish the inside of the holes with the same color.
  • If you buy rough wood boards, consider buying sandpaper and use it to smooth the surface. It should be preferable especially when you plan to place your stuffs on it. Smooth surface reduces the risk of scratching your stuff or give you injuries.
  • Apply transparent nail polish at the knot on the shelf base to keep it firm and not shifted. Let it dry before you actually hang the shelves. You can do the same thing to the end of the remaining strands to prevent it from being spread.