Sawhorse bookcase seems to be the perfect addition to a farmhouse style house or rustic interior. It can be expensive if you buy it, but making it yourself is worth to try. The materials are pretty easy to get, but it takes careful planning and passion in making it.

Materials and Tools

  • Wood board
  • Sawhorse brackets
  • Paint
  • Screws and nails
  • Drill
  • Brad Nailer
  • Milter Saw

The Making Steps

  • If you want the brackets to any color other than silver or black, you should do the paint job first. Place the brackets over a plastic lining and start painting the outside surface. Make sure it has even and consistent look. Set aside to dry while you are going to work with the wood.

  • Place the wooden board and draw the measurement over it. Make lines based on the size of cuts you want to have. It will make sure you cut on the right measurement. When you are ready, cut the board using the mister saw.

  • When you are done making cuts, put two pieces of the cuts next to each other. Place each of the pieces on one side of the rails. It will make sure your shelf to be well fit between the rails. This is how you make space for the ladder.

  • Now, let’s attach the rungs. It is actually easy to do if you know how. It is recommended to work from the bottom rung and continue working up the ladder. Apply some glue on each rail to keep the rung from shifting, and then flush each side of the rung to the rails using nails or screws.

  • When the ladders are done, hold them together with rungs facing out. Attach the brackets at the top end of each ladder and screw the brackets. Stand the ladders, and add the top board on the brackets top. Screw each end of the brackets top to secure it.

  • Spread the ladders and you can see the bookcase standing well. Now, place the shelf base over each rung until you have levels. Line up the nail and nail the shelf base right into the rung. Last, you can finish the bookcase in any color you want.

  • When you are done refinishing the wood, leave it for a while to dry. It takes around 1 to 2 hours or maybe faster, depending on the finishing paint you are using. This bookcase can be used as bookshelf or decoration display, and both at the same time.