Choosing vintage as your home décor can give you at least two advantages: saving you some money and showing off your personality to your guests. While a vintage décor’s simply all about combining something old and something new, some people may still be bewildered about how to execute their vintage ideas. If you are one of them, go check the following décor ideas:

  • Why Don’t Go Amber?

One of the ways to create the vibe of vintage is to choose the amber color. The choice of amber interior is absolutely a genius idea. The idea behind this décor is combining Boho with mid-century modern style. What you need to prepare in decorating your room this way is your talent for floor flair and some particular stuff. You need an oversized brass mirror hang on the wall, a mid-century modern planter, a beautiful Moroccan pom-pom blanket, and of course that classic bench.

That sounds a lot, no? Worry not. You can actually find them in many furniture stores. Once you are able to collect them, be ready to feel the warmth of your amber vintage entryway.

  • Décor Your Room Vintagely by Adjusting the Lighting

If you happen to be in the Seattle Show house of Ashley Redmond, you may be familiar with this room design. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

To copy and paste the décor to your own home is not a big deal. First thing first, you have to have that killer lighting talent. Besides, you need to pick up the classic Saarinen Tulip Table from a furniture story along with some tulip chairs. If the furniture hunting ends up frustrating, you can combine the table with other kinds of chairs like Bertoia chairs, Eames shell chairs, Milo Baughman cantilever chairs, or similar things. One last thing, go pick up any Persian style rug!

  • Why Not Giving a Combo of New and Old a Chance?

Another great vintage décor idea comes from mixing new and old stuff from various genres. First, go get any traditional table. Second, pick up some brass and velvet chairs from the nearest furniture store. Make sure the color suits the pendant lighting. Last, find a vase to decorate the table. Voila! Your gorgeous room is ready to use!

The great ideas of making a vintage décor simply lie on how to choose the correct color to play with your furniture, adjust the lighting of a room, and perfectly combine new and old furniture. Ready to give them a try?