The use of gear instantly adds the retro look on a wall clock. While you can make it yourself, the possibility for a little twist on its finish is endless. While it will be functional, certain finish can elevate the clock into something on higher level like being a décor at the same time. Check out the following ideas for examples.

  • Steel Looking Clock

This gear wall clock is a combination of black and steel color on it. It looks strong, masculine, and stylish at the same time. The gears are added on the center of the clock while the numeric is Romans. It looks totally vintage, while it manages being a great décor at the same time. It should be a perfect fit for a minimalist room or the combination of modern and vintage.

  • Multiple Huge Gears

These rusty gears are arranged into an asymmetrical shape, offering the most interesting frame for the wall clock. While the clock alone is enriched with vintage background, it reminds us on old pocket clock from the previous generations. The rusty finish of the clock only gives depth on the retro look and it is big enough to fill and décor a large vacant wall. If you are bored with small gears at the center, this is a great alternative to consider.

  • Rusty Gear with Hook

This wall clock is perfect for even the outdoor space. The huge rusty gear is a perfect frame for the wall clock. It looks original and retro while the rustic look only makes it even more stylish and adorable. Unlike the other of the kind, this wall clock is enriched with a little hook at the below part. It looks menacing, vintage, and historical at the same time. If you need function and accent, this is your wall clock.

  • Gear Clock with Mint Surprise

This wall clock is another masterpiece to appreciate. It is made of several gears as usual, and there is almost nothing extraordinary on the design. The fun part is on the mint finish for the clock hands. It looks chic while the most parts look rustic and vintage. The picture here shows how the mint finish matches the wall grout.

Depending on your interior design, these wall clocks should answer and fill in the gaps. All of them are vintage yet they look unique at the same time. Make sure to consider your indoor or the space before choosing one.