Setting the best lighting to your rooms really matters. Not only is about making your sight clearer, it also plays role in setting the mood of the room. That’s why; you need to spare some time to consider both the best design of the lamp and the function it is performing. Here are some ideas using E27 Edison Bulb.

Going Fishing a Lamp Maybe?

Our first recommended idea on making most of E27 Edison Bulb for the lights of your home decoration is as depicted in the picture. Yes, this unique man fishing a bulb. This kind of lamp has dimensions of 28cm x 80cm x 19cm.

If you are interested in making it, take notes on this list of supplies you need to get: cast iron pipe, cast iron, plumbing pipe, iron pipe, and water pipe. Besides, you also need to prepare some quality materials like electrical components which are UL Certified or UL Listed, 1.5m of Ceiling Power Plug, and the LED Energy-saving bulb in E27 edition.

This unique lamp is both beautiful and versatile. The cozy atmosphere sent out by the beam of the light is suitable for many rooms like coffee shop, office, home, restaurant, and other kinds of rooms. Furthermore, this lamp also suit Steampunk and industrial styled rooms well.

Why Not Calling a Fire Fighter to Light Up Your Room?

It is fire fighter styled desk lamp that becomes our next recommendation. Not only will this lamp provide lighting to your room, it will also be the center of attention of your favorite desk. Figure out what you need to do to make one below:

What you need to prepare before making this lamp is our course some pipes, LED lamp, basic helmet for the fire man, some paints with the colors of your choice, and other accessories you want to attach to the fire fighter figure.

In addition to the things you need to prepare, you also to rely on your art sense to create such figure. Use your art flair to create such an eye-catching fire fighter pose along with suitable colors painted on the pipes. Build in the LED lamp and make it as the firefighter head. You can add another accessory such as fire fighter helmet too. Once it’s done, you have a new company for your working time.

Choosing the best pipe walls lamp can benefit you a lot. First, it can beautify your favorite room and second, it creates another mood to the room. As the result, the lamp will eventually also affect your mood when being in the room.