In decorating your house, you do not always find a cheap stuff in store. Not only expensive, they are also very common and not unique. To overcome this problem, you can make your own decoration to be placed in your house. Moreover, you can also save some money by recycling and reusing at the same time.

  1. Flowery Rock

This decoration almost does not need any money to make. You just need to find old plank, rocks, tree branches, and glue. Arrange the rocks to shape like a flower, and glue them down in the plank. Add the tree branches for the flower, and glue them down. You can also make different shapes using the rocks and after that, you can hang it on your wall or just place it on the table.

  1. Wooden Signs

The second decoration is as simple as the first, and you will need some wood planks, paint, and pencil. Firstly, you need to sketch your sign using the pencil, and then you need to paint it. You can also make several signs and you can combine them to make your own mini gallery.

  1. Starry Décor

This decoration requires you to prepare some materials, such as 10 wooden sticks, rope, and glue gun to make one star. You need to make a star using those wooden sticks and secure them with the glue gun. After that, you just need to cover the star with the rope and secure it again with the glue gun. If it has been done, it can be used as a decoration, or it can be used as your jewelry organizer since you can hang some things on it.

  1. Mason Jars Storage

If you have some mason jars and some woods, you can make storage for your kitchen utensils. You just need to paint the mason jars and make a box with the woods. Then, the mason jars are placed in the box and you can store your kitchen utensils on the mason jars. It can also be used as a vase for your flowers and you can also use them as make up storage or stationary storage.

  1. Colorful Branches

These colorful branches are the same as flowery rock since in making it, you are almost need no money. You can find some branches and paint them with various colors and place them in a glass. You can use it as a replacement for flower decoration since it will not get dry.