One of the most interesting set to add in your retro kitchen is the high bench table. Instead of using brand new look for the kitchen, you should consider using one with natural finish and maybe wheels for more flexibility for a small space. Take a look at the following table for inspirations.

  • Shabby Chic Touch with Red Surprise

This is a table that should meet your retro style perfectly. The shape is simple and it uses only recycled woods for the materials. For better looking finish, the entire feet are finished with mate white while the table surface is finished naturally. The vintage benches complete the table look and the entire set is thicken with retro touch. While it accommodates 8 seats, it is compact as well at the same time.

  • Table and Island

This one is rather different. While the entire surface is finished with natural look, this high bench table is completed with drawers as well. It doesn’t only fit for breakfast table but also kitchen island. You can actually repurpose it anytime you want to. The additional wheels only make it perfect for more flexibility. Meanwhile, the design is pretty common as well, and it matches well with retro style.

  • Natural and Red

This high table is fun. The surface is finished in its natural color, exposing more texture and shades for the wood. This part alone is already very stylish. The surface is supported with red finished feet, which makes it even more retro than we can expect. The redness is just right for a vintage look, and this is totally a dining table with style. If you want something old and young at the same time, this is your answer.

  • Play with White

This table is retro and modern at the same time. The surface is finished in its natural color, which is light enough to go with white. Meanwhile, the rests are finished with white, creating the most refreshing look ever. It goes well on a retro kitchen or on your minimalist space. Get rid of the benches, and you get the most stylish kitchen island ever.

High table with retro style only requires simple design and asymmetrical benches to complete it actually. If you like the natural look for the wood, consider giving it retro bright color for the rests to get a little depth on the set. Which one you like best from above ideas?