Are you bored with your bedroom concept? Do you want to change it into something unique and different? Choosing vintage concept may be your answer. If you are interested, you can choose vintage industrial concept for your bedroom.

  1. Black and White

The first thing to change is the color of your bedroom. Black and white theme is very related to this vintage industrial concept. You can start with changing the wall color or you can your bed sheet using darker color and other things with white color. This contrast will make your bedroom warmer and more elegant.

  1. Brick

To add more vintage ambience, you can add some bricks as your bedroom wall decoration. You can apply this bricks decoration on one side of your room and common wall on other sides. You can paint the brick with dark color to make the industrial concepts stands out.

  1. Pipes

Pipes are very related to this industrial concept. You can use these pipes to decorate your bedroom. You can make a cable holder to hang your lamp, or you can make a lamp using these pipes. Color it with black paint to make it more elegant and industrial like.

  1. Hanged lamp

The next important thing to consider is having some hanged lamp for your bedroom. The hanged lamp is also related to the industrial concept. You can hang them on the middle of the room or next to your bed. Choose yellow light lamp to create the vintage atmosphere, moreover it will make your room warmer.

  1. Wooden Furniture

The vintage theme is not really a vintage if you do not have wooden furniture on it. You can start changing your furniture into wooden one. For example, you can change your bed frames, and shelves. Besides, you can also add wooden decorations in your bedroom. Moreover, if you want to fully decorate your bedroom into a vintage one, you can change your floor into wooden floor.

  1. Large Painting

Choosing decoration is one of the hard things to do, but you can add a painting for your room. Choosing a large painting will be a solution since it will give an illusion to make a small room looks bigger. You can choose a painting with monochrome color and hang it on your wall, or you can also hang it above your bed frame. It will add the industrial atmosphere and it can make your room looks bigger.