You may have put much effort on the décor of your house rooms but still feel something is missing. It may be the center of attraction of the room that you missed. If so, you need to check the following ideas on how to arrange woven tobacco basket to pun an intriguing décor piece in your home.

The Versatile Basket Arrangement

Here we present you a versatile woven tobacco basket arrangement that can suit many décor them in your rooms. This basket arrangement is a good go to create classic look to any room of your house.

This kind of beautiful basket arrangement will get along well with the type of décor of shabby chic home, farmhouse décor, rustic primitive home accent, and many more. Besides, the places on which you place this basket are also various, such as on a coffee table, on a dining table, or simply on the wall.

In addition to its versatility, the functions this basket arrangement can carry are so many. It can be placed on a mantle as the center piece. It can also be attached to a wall décor. Also, it can also be set on your favorite coffee table. The best idea to make most this kind of basket arrangement is to complement your Farmhouse style décor.

Pumpkin for Your Basket Arrangement

Pumpkin can play a good role in arranging your tobacco basket. Look at how it goes in the picture! Beautiful, isn’t it? It is the pumpkin who provides the vintage look to this basket arrangement. So, when you are trying this basket arrangement later, make sure you choose a pumpkin with great texture.

The supplies that you need to make this kind of basket arrangement are a tobacco basket, a pumpkin, and a faux floral ring. After collecting the supplies, you can start to do the basket arrangement by placing the faux floral ring exactly in the middle of the tobacco basket. Topping off is the vintage pumpkin. And voila! It is ready to use!

This kind of tobacco basket arrangement is great to be placed on much different furniture. It is great to be a centerpiece of a table, be it your coffee table, dining table, or a buffet.

So, what kind of highlight have you ever given to your room or table? If you do not have many ideas, you can just simply follow those tobacco basket arrangement ideas above. The supplies are easy to find around you and the time to make it is not much.