The old fashion never dies. There might be new ideas sprouts every season, but you could keep the vintage style with you and being elegant. Now, what about bringing your vintage fashion home? Let the items speak for your preference. They are also great decoration for your house and some even still functioning well.

  • Vintage Radio

Go all out with the retro concept and take is as far as the 60s. It is a radio with unique rounded edges, a perfect match for the other rounded furniture. Instead of being only a candy eye, you can actually choose your favorite radio channel. Thus, it is important to bring home the one that works well.

  • Old-Style Fan

Some of you might admire the item just by looking at the display, recalling familiar steps you have read in some books about the making process. In this case, the old-style fan is a perfect choice. It is made from rust free metal alloy, so no worries about the hard maintenance rituals.

  • Vintage Pendant

Are you still looking for accessories? For those who love to hang beautiful art on their neck, try the vintage style skeleton keys. Its black rusty color is the trade mark itself. Pick the replica that could give you at least 30 different key styles. Now you have a spare for each day, a whole month!

  • Cookie Jar

Going back to the 60s to 70s, the use of plastic jars for cookies is not yet popular. People store their freshly baked cookies inside a ceramic jar. Copy this habit and grab your own vintage cookie jar. It would be sweeter with wording carved on the front and back side, coated with pastel tone.

  • Retro Kitchen Timer

Kitchen might be a place where things run wild, especially when you are cooking several dishes at the same time. Avoid any burnt cookies or dishes by setting the time. Now that you are going to need it, why don’t you take the retro ones? It could be set to sixty minutes. Don’t forget to manually reset the timer after use.

  • Salt And Pepper Shaker

For those who are not fond of cookies, you might like the pretty salt and pepper shaker. The model resembles the ones you will find in the steak house, back in the 60s and 70s. They are great items for cooking, with their perfect size for hand grasp; four inches. The holes are quite big, so shaking moderately will be enough.

  • Charming Liquid Dispenser

Swift a little bit and you’ll see that the bathroom has not been touched yet. No need to worry: you still have the liquid dispenser, another functional and decorative item. The vintage concept embraces the use of stainless steel, therefore you should choose the dispenser with that metallic look. Also, pick the one with transparent glasses, so you can see what’s inside.

There are a lot of lovely things from the past. They are not getting old, but being one of the stylish goodies to put on your living room. The good thing about these decorations is you don’t have to spend some effort to make it. Simply mix, match and display your favorite items and you get the unique charms!