Home office, if designed perfectly, will be able to offer a zen vibe that supports both your work and the need of relaxing. Vintage décor idea used in this kind of room is an absolute great idea. Yet, how to work it out with vintage design? Hold my beer and take notes!

  • Vintage Home Office for Your Private Residence

Like depicted in the picture, this kind of design idea deploys the bohemian atmosphere and vintage style perfectly. How to make the vintage design here is by placing some stuff like old and wooden furniture (of course), white-black photos, bare walls, and books. In addition to the vintage touch, you can bring along some furniture elements like leather chairs and or sofas, old-styled lighting elements, and curtains to your home office room.

Not only will this décor idea give you a welcoming vibe, it will also provide you with masculine ambience that you may want. The best part of this décor idea lies on how the provided space is divided comfortably enough to for both the calming and relaxing space and the working space. It is surely a complete design for a versatile home office.


  • Living Vintage for Your Home Office

Another idea you can use to create vintage vibe in your home office is with this living vintage décor. What you need to décor such room is: first, work with the desk. You can simply go with the classic wooden one. Then, find an old cubby cabinet and construction sign. The black cash work sign on the wall can be replaced with any sign speaking out your favorite words. The color of the sign, however, needs choosing carefully so it can suit the other furniture well.

Next, you can also find another decoupage piece of wood like the one in the picture to add another vintage touch. Make around three layers of old wallpaper for the wall of your home office. In addition to the old wallpaper, you can stick some pretty old prints under your cabinet. You can also other small details like magnet board stick on the left side of the chair.

There are actually some other ways that you can use to create the vintage vibe in your home office. You can either work more with the space provided or work more with the small details in your house. So, which design do you prefer the most?