20 Homemade Christmas Decorations


Santa is coming to town! Have you prepared your Christmas decorations to welcome Santa? If not, do not worry, you can make the decorations by yourself! They are pretty simple to make and some of the tools are not very hard to find.

  1. Santa Stumps

The first decoration that you can make is Santa stumps. You just need to find some logs, cut them diagonally, and color them with red, brown and white paint. Add some decorations like for Santa’s nose and ribbon to tie the stumps together.

  1. Mason Jars Wreath

The second decoration that you can make is mason jars wreath. You just need some mason jars lid, rope, glue gun, and ribbon. Make a hole in the mason jars lid, then wrap it with the rope and secure the rope using the glue gun. You can add some ribbon and other accessories to make it more Christmas like.

  1. Silverware Stockings

If you are planning to have dinner on the Christmas night, you need to prepare the utensils and you can décor them too. You just need to prepare some Christmas stockings and place your silverware inside it and arrange them on the table later on.

  1. Mason Jars Candle Holder

To make your Christmas brighter, you can make this mason jars candle holder. You need some paint, ribbon, and candle. Paint your mason jars with your favorite color and you can add some patterns on it, and add some ribbon on the lid or on the jars itself. Then, place the candle inside it and light it up.

  1. Wooden Reindeer

This kind of decoration is very suitable for those who like crafts. You will need some wood logs with different sizes, drill, and accessories. Make 4 holes using drills on the biggest log, this log will be the body, and attach the smaller logs as the legs. Do not forget to make the neck and head, and also its horn. After you have finished, you can décor it using some accessories.

  1. Flameless Fire Pit

The next project is very easy and simple to make. You just need to prepare some logs, white paint, string light, and some stones. Cover the logs with white paint and stack them like the fire pit with the stones around and cover the string light below it. Turn on the light, and you will have your own flameless pit.


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