3 DIY Ideas Made With Old Barrels


If you are a DIY fan that is really into rustic decor, you may have not come across ideas about DIY projects with old barrels. But, worry not. We’ve got you covered! Read the following to find some craft ideas from old barrels for your outdoor and indoor decors.

  • Succulent Wreath

Some of you may think keeping your succulents alive, especially in the winter, is hard. Don’t worry. You can always go with the faux ones. By recycling any wine barrel ring and adding some rustic touch, you can easily make a perfect outdoor décor.

The first thing you need to find is indeed the wine barrel rings. As they come in various sizes (between 22”and 26”) and different thickness, make sure you place your wine barrel rings order in details as needed. Other supplies you may need are floral wire, wire cutters, several faux succulents of various sizes, hot glue, moss, and wine barrel hoop.

  • Serving Platter

Do you live in a wine country? You are in a luck because you have bunches supplies of barrels that you can transform into many furniture, one which is serving platter. This project is a great idea especially for you who want to create high-boys and bars for party or simply event in your home.

The first supply that you need is indeed the wine barrel lid. Besides, you also need spoon butter, sand paper, wood burner, gorilla glue, and rope. This project is indeed simple as the supplies needed are the ones that you can easily find around you. Even if you need to buy any, the closest store from your house may sell them.

  • Dog Bed

Pet a dog? Why don’t make your buddy an affordable and comfortable bed from a recycled barrel? All you need beside the wine barrel are just few tools: screws, wedge, hammer, Sharpie to draw lines, electric saw, sand papers, and garden shears.

Making this dog bed from an old barrel can save you much money. Instead of buying the ready-to-use one from the market for $150-300, why don’t you just spend around $39 (for the barrel) and another $10 (for the bed on the top of the bed) to have the same stuff?

Do not belittle the power of old barrels around you. If you just neglect them, they may be space consuming and clutter. With little touch of imagination and creativity (and of course some tools), you can just make any kind of furniture to beautify every corner of your home. Go make one!


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