3 Gorgeous Ideas of Making Rustic Barrel Sink


Sink’s undeniably important in a house. It performs many functions such as for washing hands, dishwashing, and many others. As it’s highly needed, you need to place them at a corner of your house where everybody can access it easily. Thus it is also important to make them look gorgeous and beautiful. How about making it look rustic using barrel sink?

  • French Oak Half Wine Barrel Sink

Here we go with the first idea of making a sink from a wine barrel. Here, what we need is not just any wine barrel, but a special wine barrel made from a French oak.  This Certified French Oak Half Wine Barrel vanity table will help you a lot in creating a rustic look to your sink.

This barrel’s size is 35’x28”x14”. This barrel is perfectly finished with a mahogany touch and fitted with a bronze faucet and a copper bar sink. In making it, you can also add a roomy shelf inside the barrel to make this barrel sink more functional.

  • 2-version Whiskey Barrel Sink

Making this kind of sink actually gives you many choices of the sink versions. It can be in form of full round with full round top and an opening cut in the back. It can also be flat back by cutting the barrels in half to make the back of it flat and cutting the top of the barrel to rise the flush up against a wall.

Both sink versions offer the same rustic style and perform the same function. What makes them different is the weight. The weight for the full round can be up to 125 pounds, while the flat back can be just up to 95 pounds.

  • Keg Sink for Your Backyard

Don’t forget to beautify your backyard with a barrel. Simply find a keg to make a special sink for your backyard. Other supplies you may need are mixer taps, hose, water and sewage connector, freestanding sink, and of course some skills to make it right.

Making this keg sink is simple. Make two holes for the mixer taps and the sink and remove the keg’s bottom part to be able to connect the sink to the water supply.

Making a sink from the unused barrel is an art of making most of clutter around your home. Instead of dumping the barrel away, you can create furniture that can impress your guests. The plus will be a rustic atmosphere surrounding you.


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