4 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture for Your Home Decor


Do you get confused when you see old furniture in your home? Do you feel that you are reluctant to sell them because you only gain a few cents from it? Frankly, you do not need to throw or sell them. You can repurpose them. Only way to do is to alter them and create them with new face. It is not difficult if you do the following steps:

  • Nice and Sweet Headboard

It is nice to see having a nice and sweet headboard on the bedroom. Give a new eye-catching interest to your headboard. Vinyl decal joy pattern is a good pattern to try. But, try a new and amusing thing. Stencil and paint pattern may give you a different impact on you or at least offer the same impact on you.

  • Different and Beautiful Rack for Your Coat

When the winter is coming and snow is raining outside of your house, rack is one of important thing in your home. You need to hang up your coat. We suggest you to provide a new and stunning racks hanging on your entryway wall. It is good give different style on your rack. Do not hesitate to create your rack with a new colour and pattern. Encourage your family to use it.

  • Vintage Cupboard Cart

Transforming old thing into a new thing without releasing the vintage vibe is an interesting activity. Take a look at the picture for the example of art itself. If you wonder about the mottled and oxidized effect, it is made by lubricating the sticky tape on the wet paint. The topping cart is made to provide a sturdy work surface.

  • Stunning Tub Transformation

This idea is inspired by

Breakfast Tiffany

film. It is one of popular romantic comedy film in 1961. You will find a couch tub in the film. It will be nice to have it in your house.

But, keep in mind that this idea will not be done in a weekend. You should discard hardware, cutting, grinding, painting and create the cushion will spend a lot of your time. No pain no gain, this finished product is worth the effort.

Hopefully the ideas above give you another preference to try at your home. The result will pay your time and energy. Keep in mind that you need to pay attention on the style and colour. The important thing is happy decorating.


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