4 Crafty 2×4 DIY Projects that You Can Easily Make


DIY is an art of combining available materials, your creativity, and your skills. It is a really rewarding project as you can enjoy and use the results for your entire life. The only constraint may be finding simple and speedy projects. Here we come with four great ideas for your crafty 2×4 DIY projects.

  1. Console Table

How about DIY project for making one of the mostly-used things in your home? It is a simple project because what you need are just few tools and some 2×4’s to make a versatile table. This tall and slender table coming with two shelves is ready to suit your house’s small rooms. In making it, you don’t need much of your time because of its simplicity and ability to match with many colors in your home.

  1. Entryway Bench

If you have children and always want to keep clean look in your house, this idea of entryway bench should be in your bucket list. This small bench can be a perfect spot for your kids to put their shoes, hindering your home out from messy look. What you need to do it to occupy some 2x4s, some wood glue, a pocket hole system, and of course your little imagination.

  1. Coffee Table

Your living room will never be complete without any coffee table. Making a coffee table by yourselves will never be a bad idea as what you need to get the job done is simply just some 2×4’s and some tools. Before starting to make it, you need to find the right colors of the materials so that your coffee table can suit your living room setting and furniture well. Another think worth taking into consideration is your plan on changing some furniture of your living room in the nearer future. Make sure the color of the materials will match your new carpet, for example.

  1. Nightstand

Complete your bedroom with a nightstand on which you can put your alarm clock and gadget charger and on which you can keep your smartphone within your reach. With some 2×4’s, some tools, and simple skills, you can get a nightstand done in a short time.

2×4’s seem to be just small material and some people tend to neglect them. With some creativity, short period of time, and simple tools, you can transform them into home furniture that can perform many functions and decorate your rooms artistically.


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