5 Amazing DIY Home Décor Ideas that Won’t Look DIYed


It’s true that doing it yourself will guarantee more satisfaction and perfection. However, modest skill on DIY thing can be a problem. If you want to add some decoration in the house with yoru won DIY projects, but you want it to look exquisite, you may want to work on these ideas.

  1. DIY Wall Hanging Photo

It looks modern and it makes perfect decoration for a home office or even a living room. Snap your instagram photos on this hanger and display your favorite moments and places. It takes only a few materials, and it looks simpler to do it comparing to the result. Work on the materials for even better quality.

  1. Flower Baskets

From several wooden sticks, you can create something new and brilliant like this. You can make small ones for the tables, and larger ones to lay it down on the floor. While it is gorgeous with the flowers, you can also put other things too, from towels, newspapers, to bottles. Give it a nice finish for expensive look.

  1. Wall Hexagon Shelf

Made out of popsicle sticks, no one will think you didn’t buy it. With careful selection on the sticks length, use of glue, and careful arrangement, you can do magic with these sticks. Your vacant wall will be more interesting and valuable. Combine with deep green plants and white stuffs for modern looking décor.

  1. Indoor Hammock Swing

With only simple materials and low level skill, this hammock is possible to make with even expensive looking finish. Make sure you know how to choose the materials, and check if your ceiling should support it well. Use the old blanket and you have a new expensive looking addition in your reading corner.

  1. Garden Ball Lanterns

Using only twines and glue with the help of balloons, you can create ball lanterns and hang it on our garden. More than just as lighting source, it adds drama and romantic touch. It makes wonderful seasonal decoration as well. Add with Tumblr lights and you have the best porch décor.

Those DIY décor options aren’t just easy and simple to do. It doesn’t require certain level of DIY skills so it is unlikely for you to fail the projects. With careful finishing, you will even get expensive looking décor. Just make sure you spare enough time to do it, and carefully select your material too. Care to try?


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