5 Best Wood Pallet Furniture Projects Made Easy


DIY projects using wood pallets are actually brilliant. They are easy to get. In addition to it, it doesn’t matter if you use reclaimed or brand new pallets. They just look good and agree with the favorable rustic style. The following projects are amazing to try. Check this out.

  1. Japanese Style Low Bed Frame

Look at this bed frame. It doesn’t only give the Japanese look. It looks sturdy and frim enough for a bed. The structure is pretty simple, from the bed base to the head board. With extra rooms under the top base, flameless candles strengthen the romantic and warm feeling. With all the functions and look, we get a rustic bed as well.

  1. Wooden Kitchen

Now this is going to be a lot of works and an impressive skill and patient, not to mention a lot of pallets and pallet crates as well. The ceiling is covered with crates and pallets while the vintage lamp hangs in there. The backsplash matches the kitchen bench while serving as wonderful storage and decoration display at the same time.

  1. Mug Holder

This is an easy peasy project with a lot of value to offer. It adds decoration in the room, especially if you hang mugs with different colors in there. You only need screws, hooks, and small paint work at it. It doesn’t take large space while it offers large effect and function for you.

  1. Sectional Sofa

This is your chance to get a rustic sectional sofa in the living room without spending too much budget on it. The sofa base is practically easy to make while it is sturdy enough. It takes time to make the strong base but it is worth it. Add cushion on top and you have a large sofa for the entire family.

  1. Photo Printed Wall Art

It takes special skill and experience, if not special service. Basically, you are going to print the selected photo on the pallets, and display the palette with distance for an art look. You can buy the kits to make this, but you can also ask a pro to do this for you for neat result.

So palettes can be transformed into premium things as well without a hustle. If you like rustic look, those projects are perfect to try. Some of them may need special skill but it is really worth the effort as well. Which one are you going to try first?


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