5 Brilliant Ideas for Over the Toilet Storage Ideas


Every house deserves enough storage to make sure all stuffs are well stored and organized, for the sake of homey house as well. The following ideas suggest you to make the most of your space right above the toilet, which often is vacant. Even the most spacious house can use these ideas for additional display ideas.

  1. Baskets Organizers and Shelves

While using one will be great, using tow will be more vibrant. You can never get bored with this look. The shelf alone is already a beneficial place for storage, while the baskets make sure you can get stuffs easily while it keeps things nicely at the same time. You don’t need fancy baskets as rustic style is in trend anyway.

  1. Rustic Shelf

This may look like a short ladder, and it may as well it is, but it is a fully functional organizer. It fill the space just in the right proportion while its rustic look change the corner into something stylish at the same time. Add a mini plant on one of the shelves and you have storage and a décor at the same time.

  1. Wood and Metal Shelves

While it is simple to make even by you, it offers stunning and expensive look considering today’s favor on rustic look. You can replace the white paint with natural wood finish to match your interior style, but it will look great any way. Nothing is more complementing than a black wire basket on the shelves as well.

  1. Baskets Storage

This idea is brilliant. It looks very neat and tidy, making it an ideal option for an organizer. Being a basket, it will be easier for you to grab things and store them at the same time. Choose color that will complement your interior look. As long as you are sure the metal holder is steady and firm, it should be a great storage and décor at the same time.

  1. Rustic Barn Board

Who doesn’t love this barn board? It reminds you on the farmhouse delight while it is functional as well as shelves. If you don’t need more storage, this board will be a very pleasing décor. Finish it with natural color and you have a warm bathroom you will love.

These storages are great ideas to try. They are simple and easy to find or make, and they offer you real storage space in case you have more stuffs to organize. Which one do you like best?


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