5 Brilliantly Gold DIY Projects


Gold is timeless and it makes the very reasons why this color should be added on your décor color palettes and your outfit. It adds elegance while it elevates the appearance value at the same time too. There are several DIY projects that should help you getting these items with budget. Check this out.

  1. Gold Dipped Vase

This is an item you will be proud to use. In alternative to fully dip it on gold paint, you should consider dipping a half of it or even less for accent only. It allows you to combine it with other colors while it still gets the elegance at the same time. This example uses white for combination while it should work well with other colors as well.

  1. 24k Gold Shoes

This has been a popular DIY project especially for those young souls. Their usual shoes are transformed into a more elegant sophisticated pair with gold color. It is simple even though it takes careful paint work. You can get the fabric paint for the shoes easily. You can even the waterproof one as well.

  1. Glitter and Light Canvas

Unlike the other canvas art, this one features gold glitter and a touch of twinkling lights for the entire look. The gold glitter is the very essence of the art work and it takes only small effort and a little glue to make it. Meanwhile, the lamps make it glowing and add function to the art work as illumination alternative.

  1. Metallic Shell Candle Holder

You can actually use your old shell collections for this. The making is simple. You only need to refinish the shell with gold paint and you are done. Add small candles on each of the shell and arrange them on your dining table as a centerpiece. It is sweet and romantic while it reminds you on the ocean delight at the same time. Gorgeous.

  1. Gold Glitter State Wall Art

This wall décor is amazingly stylish. While it features horizontal stripes on chic color palettes, one of the stripes is actually finished with gold for elegant accent. It is brilliant. It stays modern while it has the sophisticated touch on it. If you want to décor your modern room without being too much, this is your answer.

Even Bruno Mars decided to add gold accent on his song, and why don’t you too? Adopt one of those ideas and add a little gold on your décor or outfit. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Which one do you want to try first?


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