5 Cheap and Easy DIY Rustic Home Décor Ideas


If you want to save more money, one of the ways is to make your own stuff. By using recycled materials, you can creatively make some decoration for your house. The basic tools for making the stuff are saw, drill, wood glue, tape measurer, sand paper, screw and screwdriver, and hammer and nails.

  1. Rustic Tower Holder

The first thing to make is a tower holder. You will need two wood planks, antique iron door handle and screws, dark wood stain and sealer, Firstly, cut the plank into different sizes, one bigger and one smaller. Then, place the smaller plank above the bigger one, and nail them down. Add the antique iron door handle above the planks and screw them together. Then, paint the tower holder using dark wood stain and it is ready to use.

  1. Mason Jars Pallet Organizer

The second thing to make is mason jars pallet organizers. The tools you need are mason jars, hose clamps, and wood stain. First, place combine five woods together using nails. Then, add the mason jars and secure them using hose clamps and screws. After that, paint the mason jars pallet organizer using the wood stain and it will be ready to use.

  1. Rope Bathroom Organizer

The third thing to make is the easiest thing among all and in making rope bathroom organizer, you will need tumbler, rope, and glue gun. Simply gluing the tumbler and cover it with the rope. Then it is ready to use for your toothbrush or soaps.

  1. Pallet Bathroom Art

This DIY is for decorating your bathroom and you will need pallet wood, rope, stencils, and acrylic paint. The first things to do are combining the pallet wood together and add the rope at the back for hanging it on your wall. Then, décor it with some letters made with stencils, and the last thing to do is to paint it using acrylic paint. You can hang it on your bathroom and you can also hang it in other rooms.

  1. Natural Brach Coasters

The last thing to make is natural branch coaster. The main material is the braches; you need to find the correct size meaning that it is not too big and not too small. Then, cut it with the hand saw, and smooth it using the sandpaper. After that, paint it with the clear varnish to make it more beautiful.


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