5 Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas with Pebbles and River Rocks


Are you looking for affordable decorations for your house? Do you want to make it by yourself? Then, the solutions for your problems are using pebbles and river rocks to create wonderful decorations. Moreover, they will be different from other people since it is hand-made and they are not sold in market.

  1. Mudroom Mat

The first decoration is called mudroom mat. Similar to its name, it will be used as your mat to collect dirt. Besides, it is simple, and it is visually attractive. To make it you just need a boot tray and some river rocks. Then, you just need to glue the river rocks on the boot tray.

  1. Pebble Coaster

The next decoration is pebble coaster that will be very useful for placing the kitchen utensils or you can also place your plants on it. To make it you need to prepare the river rocks, glue gun, and flannel sheet. Cut the flannel sheet into a circular shape, then with the glue gun, glue the river rocks. The next step is to attach the rocks into the flannel sheet, and you need to carefully arrange it to make it looks beautiful.

  1. Pebble Candle Holder

As its name, this decoration is useful for holding the candle. In making it, you just need a big rock, glue, and several small pebbles. You can also add googly eyes or you can paint them out. Simply glue the small pebbles into the bigger rock and draw the eyes on the small pebbles or you can paint all the rocks.

  1. Pebble Wall Art

The next DIY will be very useful to be placed on your wall. You just need some rocks, some three branches, glue, frame, wire, and pliers. Firstly, glue the rocks and branches based on your design. Then for the branches, secure them using the wire. After all done, place them in the frame and you can hang it on your wall.

  1. Rock Covered Vase

This last decoration is very useful to transform your bucket or container into a lovely vase. The tools and materials you need are the container, rocks, leak seal rubber coating, grout, 3M super spray adhesive, paint brushes, water, paper towels, and mod podge. Firstly, spray the seal rubber coating inside and outside the container, and start gluing the rocks into the container. Then, coat it with the grout and make it shiny with the mod podge and the vase is ready to use.


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