5 Easy DIY Headboard Ideas You Should Try


Headboard is a decoration placed in a bedroom that can give an emphasis for your room theme. Making your own headboard can be an interesting activity if you are a true crafter. To save the budget, you can make use of your leftover materials or if you want to, you can create it with the entire new materials.

  1. Rustic Wooden Headboard with Lights

The first DIY that you can try is the rustic wooden headboard with lights that makes your bedroom looks classic. In making it, you will need several planks, lamps or decorative lights, nail and hammer, and measuring tape. Measure your bed and cut the planks based on the measurement, but you can be creative by cutting them in different sizes. Then, secure them with nails and hammer, and add the lamps or decorative lamp on it.

  1. Fabric Headboard

To make this fabric headboard, you just need the wood stick or frame, nail and hammer, tape measurement, stapler, and any fabric you like. Firstly, measure the length of your bed and cut the wood stick based on the length you got. Make a rectangle and add an additional wood stick in the middle to make it stronger. Then, cover the wood with the fabric and secure it to the wood using the stapler. Your fabric headboard is ready to be hanged.

  1. Pallet Headboard

The third headboard is pallet headboard and it is more or less the same with the first headboard. It also requires some wooden planks, but the only difference is that it does not require the lamp or decorative lights.

  1. Repurposed Vintage Window Frame Headboard

The next headboard is pretty inexpensive since you can repurpose your old window frame or you can buy it on the thrift store. Since this headboard contains glasses, you need to be careful and there are some tricks in hanging them. Firstly, you need to add the picture hanger at the back of the window and screw them on the wall. Then, you need to secure the edges of the windows to make them straight and sturdy.

  1. Wood Block Headboard

The last headboard is wood block headboard. You will need several wood blocks, wooden glue, and wooden plank. In making it, you just need to glue the wood blocks to the wooden planks using wooden glue. If there are some leftover wooden blocks, you can make several layers for your headboard.


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