5 Easy DIY Tables That You Can Actually Build Yourself


As a crafter, making your own stuff is interesting. Have you ever thought to make your own table? Actually, making your own table is essential since you can customize it based on your need and based on the theme of your home.

  1. Concrete Table Top

To make this kind of table, you will need screws, drill, cement, wood, large container, wire mesh, gloves, trowel, and sander. Firstly, you need to make the frame for the cement and you need to mix the cement thoroughly. After that, you need to pour the cement to the frame and smooth it using trowel and sander. This table is long lasting and strong so that you do not need to be afraid if you place heavy things on it.

  1. Lego Table

If you do not like untidy places and you have children who do not want to store their toys after playing it, this kind of table can simplify your housework. The second table to be made is a Lego table for your kids. You can repurpose your old table and add the storage cabinet under it to store the Lego itself. After making this table, the Lego will be stored in one place and you will not accidentally step on it.

  1. Minimalist Dining Table

This table is called minimalist since it is easy to make and you just need to screw the woods together to using drill and secure the table using L-bracket. To prevent the table from slipping, the table is made like a hollow and the table legs are made like a rectangle shape.

  1. Wire Basket Side Table

Similar to its name, this table is made from the basket and the size is pretty small. This kind of table is useful as a side table for vase, mug, candle, or other small things. To make it, you will need a basket and you need to paint it with airbrush. Then, you need to add a round wood above the basket and secure it using nails and hammer.

  1. Sofa Table

The last table to make is sofa table for the empty space behind your sofa. In making it, you just need some wood planks, drill, screws, brackets, and paint. Firstly, you need to secure the table using screw and drill. Then, secure the legs using brackets. The last thing to do is to paint the table and it is ready to use.


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