5 Family Photo Art Ideas You Will Love


As it says, time spent with family is worth every second. This can be the very explanation why each house deserves a nice family photo art display. Today’s options are limitless as well, from the manual arrangement to the use of decals. The following ideas should give you appropriate inspirations.

  1. Tree Decals and Frames

The frames shouldn’t be the fruits on the trees as it limits the number of frames you can hang. Instead, fill the trees with frames, as if it is the leaves that spread anywhere. Follow the decals to control the borders and play with consistent color for the frames and decals. It fills the whole vacant wall.

  1. Door Frame

This space is often vacant and family photo arts make perfect option to fill it. Go along the borders of the doors and fill it with frames of family photos. More than just attractive, it should stop you now and then while going through the door, giving you warm feeling inside the house.

  1. Fishing Pole Display

Isn’t this a fun idea? The old fishing pole should be useful anyway, and it makes the most pleasing display a family can get. Especially if the family has a history with fishing, lake, and summer family camping, this family photo display will be priceless. If you want to hang more, hang vertically. Your grandkids will love it while it will be momentous for you.

  1. Wall Height Photo Shelves

This is a perfect art display for a modern house that captures abundant of memories. Build rows of shelf on a vacant wall and fill the rows with frames of family photos. You can fill the entire height of the wall if you want to and don’t limit yourself with the frames sizes. As long as it fits in the row, it is a good frame.

  1. Coat Hanger Head

Nothing is more surprising than this idea. It incorporates the idea of décor and function at the same time. Imagine having one of these in the house. You will enter or leave the house with warm feeling, giving you smile every second. Use the old door for the best looking hanger if you want to, and transform it into a rustic piece.

While hanging the photos is mainstream, these ideas are worth to try. It feels right to display the family photos in this way, expressing how huge the family means in our heart. Which one do you want to try first?


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