5 Graphs That Will Turn You into an Interior Decoration Genius


Making home a better place isn’t as easy as it sounds. When it comes to interior decoration, non-interior-designing-graduate won’t have a clue what to do. It isn’t the right time to take the degree now, but the following graphs will help you to be a master. Check it out.

  1. The Fundamentals

This graph tells you all the very basic ideas before you start. It helps you in planning for the right rhythm, scale and proportion, unity and harmony, balance, and what to emphasize. Each interior style is explained as well, while the do’s and don’t’s will enrich your basic knowledge on this. You’re almost ready to start with this graph.

  1. All Details You Need to Know

This is basically similar to the first graph, but it gives you a deeper understanding on what it is. It helps in deciding the items, and how to place them all. You also need to learn about harmony and how to interpret it on an interior designing. This graph makes it simpler and easier for you to learn the aspects.

  1. Setting the Mood Graph

There is no use of designing your home interior unless you can set the right mood in each room. This is a tough task but it is highly possible when you know the details and techniques. This graph tells you all about it, helping you to consider better and working it out well. Check out the detail for each room.

  1. Wall Paint Guide

Choosing the right paint will affect the entire interior design concept. You can’t do it wrong when it comes to paint and this graph is a helpful guide. It tells you what color on what part of the house will be appropriate to use. The guide is basic so you still have rooms to improvise as long as you use it as fundamental.

  1. Guide on Displaying Art

Those vacant walls can only be fulfilled with arts. You may have more than enough pieces of it, but you may have no idea whatsoever on how to display it. Read this graph. It helps you making the right proportion, the right selection of art, and learning different approaches you should try.

Now, take time reading the graphs and think about each aspect and principal it tells you. You need longer time to contemplate the basics so you know how to apply it. Start now and you’ll be an interior design genius in a flash.


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