5 Ideas for a Cheap and Creative Décor


Decorating your space doesn’t have to be an extravagant project at all. Instead of spending most of your budget for buying new furniture and décor items, you should consider refinishing or repurposing your old furniture. Many times, it works miraculously. If you are up for it, you can make DIY projects as well for this. Check out these ideas for suggestion.

  • Paint Work and New Handle

The old furniture can be transformed into something edgy and stylish like this one. The old version can be dreadful enough, but a little paint job and a new handle and feet should do. This old cabinet is now a designer piece look-a-like that will make your décor a sophisticated one.

  • Rope Room Partitions

There are three great things about this partition. First, it is super easy to make and it doesn’t take an expert to make a decent one. Second, it requires simple tools and materials that make it a cheap DIY project. Third, it looks totally stylish and improve the indoor in an instant. There is nothing to complain on this décor.

  • Cardboard Pendant Light

This pendant light looks like the ones on gallery. It is stylish and it spreads warm lighting as well at the same time. This posh looking décor is possible to make using cardboard. With a little creativity, you can save some more money while giving yourself the most charming pendant light to hang.

  • Lamp Cord Wall Decal

Have you ever think about making things like this one? It is totally genius and cheap. Instead of hiding it, and it takes quite an effort, you can use the cord and make some pattern you like for wall decal. It is easy to do. It makes the space neat, and it actually enriched the space with appropriate décor.

  • Retouch the Plants Pot

If you like keeping plants indoor, like succulent perhaps, this is a great idea for a quick and significant décor change. Give your pots a retouch. Apply new paint combination on the surface, and make cute details by drawing faces on the pots. It looks adorable while the color combination adds vibrant feeling in the atmosphere.

As you can see, you can actually upgrade your indoor look and add decoration that doesn’t cost you too much. Of course, you don’t have to compromise the stylish look as well. Pick one idea and try now.


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