5 Ideas for Subtle and Beautiful Home Office Design


If you like a comfortable space in the house in which you can work productively, you may need to deeply consider the design. Working from home is a brilliant idea, but having no proper home office will be a huge challenge. These following design ideas should give you more than nice working space. Check these out.

  • Modern and Rustic Space

There is nothing like this design. The combination of wood finish and white colors on most of the surfaces is brilliant. It looks mature, modern, and vibrant at the same time. The idea of placing the bookshelves over the desk is practical while the carpet and small rattan ottoman make sure we have ultimate comfort in it.

  • Small Office with Chalk Board Wall

This home office looks smart. The chalkboard wall at the background is a brilliant addition. It looks modern and young, while it offers space for you to write down or draw your ideas quickly at the same time. The colors used in this room is simple, in balance, and clean, giving it a larger impression, not to mention the cool attached to wall desk.

  • Home Office for Two

It uses a small space of the house yet it looks incredibly comfortable. The furniture selection is perfect, giving it a homey feeling while it gives you enough space for two persons to work from home. The two spaces are divided by drawers, and this is practically efficient. The simple and joined bookshelves over the desk are great while the wood color makes it more welcoming.

  • Airy Aquatic Home Office

This space is very airy with enough lights from the window and spacious spot in the middle. You can work while looking outside the window. The bookshelf is on the side, making the desk a clean and great space for working. The combination of aquatic paint job, white, and wood finish is brilliant, not to mention the rug that adds the comfort.

  • Modern Long Home Office

Using a narrow and long space in the house, this home office makes sure there is enough space for mobility by dividing the office into two sections. There are enough space for two working desks on one side, and enough counter for your materials on the other side. At the end of the room, you have your bookshelf and art décor to enlighten the room.

It is essential to keep your home office from unwanted stuffs to keep it clean. All those designs will look great if you add plants and some art décor in it. Which one do you like best?


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