5 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Place Look Luxe on a Budget


Everyone wants a luxe look for their houses. It doesn’t only make the house homier. It also adds inviting atmosphere, not to mention the sophisticated and stylish feel in the room. If you are on budget or a frugal but you want the same ultimate look, you need to read the following brilliant ideas.

  • Leather Covered Throw Pillow

You don’t need a lot of this pillow. In fact, one will be enough. Look at this room. In general, the décor is fine but there is nothing special on it. As the owner adds he brown leather pillow, everything seems better. It looks spectacular like it has class and the furniture looks even more expensive than it is.

  • Marble Touch

Marble is expensive and everyone knows that. You don’t have to add a lot of it in the room. Instead, consider adding a piece and maybe a small one just for accent like a tray. It gives you quick upgrade on the final look. Your room will look expensive while you don’t need to spend extravagant budget for it too.

  • Metallic Accessories and Furniture

If your current furniture isn’t metallic, you can give it a refinish job. There are many variations for metallic paint colors today and you can paint it yourself. It gives the room shiny effect while it looks modern at the same time. This is an instant solution for a more upgraded look. If you prefer it, you can go for accessories instead of furniture. It works just as good.

  • Cozy Throws

This is a simple décor you can actually make now. Take one of your solid color throw and just lay it down in one of the room surface like the sofa or ottoman. It instantly makes a decadent look while it costs you almost nothing. If you like surprising feeling, you should consider adding brighter color on a warm room.

  • Luxurious Looking Rug

It doesn’t necessarily have to be luxurious and expensive. Instead, consider buying a new rug with neutral and clean color with great softness on it. Use it in the room and it will elevates the room atmosphere, making it lose while stylish at the same time. Consider the room color palette when you choose the rug color.

As you can see from the photos, it doesn’t take too much effort and money to get a luxe looking room. You only need to consider the right color and item to add, and you can have the designer looking room. Ready to make the change?


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