5 Super Cozy Nook You’ll Want to Crawl Into


What is better to do during a rainy day inside the house rather than reading and sipping a warm cup of chocolate? While chocolate and book is a great combination, a cozy reading nook will make it fantastic. Check out the following nooks you’ll want to have at home.

  1. Attic Hidden Nook

Taking a small part of the corner, transform the vaulted roofed corner into your hidden escape by laying a fluffy area rug with a bunch of throw pillows to snuggle into. Refinish the area will change its look while the bookshelves don’t have to much. Choose something simple and add a reading lamp. Voila!

  1. Under the Stairs Closet Nook

While it is a popular idea for storage, there is no law not to convert it into a reading nook. Layer the floor with warmer and thicker rug for hours comfort. Change the bulbs to warmer light yet bright enough to read. If this is for your kid, don’t forget to place plushy pillows and their dolls in addition to the bookshelves.

  1. Window Lived-In Nook

That space near the window is already inviting as it is. Set fitted mat into it with pillows and blanket to warm you with your selected books to read on the corner. With windows facing the outdoor, reading your book is felt more like getting inside and outside of your mind literally.

  1. Astronaut Pod Nook

Embracing futuristic ideas, transform your vacant window into a reading nook. Set a fluffy mattress with plushy pillows and warm blanket to invite you in. A set of curtain will give you some privacy while its comfort allows you to read for hours. Your kids will especially love to climb into it. Play with colorful linens if it is meant for them.

  1. Cabin Nook

The idea is to transform a small space of the room, or attic, into an inviting space. Arrange a mattress, pillows, blankets, book shelves in any setting you love, and small table for your cups at the edge. Those Tumblr lights will be nice addition too while direct light access is a plus as well.

Being a nook, it doesn’t have to be much. Instead, you need small space instead, and all sort of comforts and cozy stuffs in it. Reading a book is a pleasure and it is only right if you add enough to make it even more tempting. Do the magic now.


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