5 Ways to Furnish Your House on the Cheap


Furnishing the house doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Instead, you should consider repurposing your old furniture or making it yourself. It saves you more money while the possibility for customization is endless. Some furniture pieces are simple enough to make while your old furniture is still an asset. Check out the following ideas for real examples of masterpieces.

  1. File Cabinet Home Office Desk

This idea is smart and totally brilliant. Do you even realize that the desk is actually constructed by two file cabinets, one for each end, and a wooden surface for the table? Yes, it is so simple to make while it still manages to look like an expensive home office desk. You don’t need to spend a dime while you get a new desk with perfect measurement.

  1. Pallet Coffee Table

Look at this coffee table. The retro look is totally gorgeous and it adds certain atmosphere to the room being just as it is. The best things about this coffee table are it has compact design, it fits to every room, and it is super easy to make. It doesn’t take an expert to make this decent coffee table.

  1. Old Drawer Foot Rest

This is like a customized ottoman that actually is made out of your old drawer. All you need to do to make this foot rest is to add the cushion on top and the feet under. You can keep the original look of the drawer but you can also refinish it if you want to. It completes your armchair perfectly.

  1. Crates TV Stand

This idea is already very popular since reputable brands release their bookshelf that is made of crates. If you aren’t up to something big, a TV stand from the same supplies will be great. Look at this stand. It is functional while it looks stylish for being rustic naturally. How can you not like this TV stand?

  1. Shelf with Leather Straps

If you need wall mounted shelf for your décor, this options is probably the cutest one. It only requires a wood panel on your preferred measurement, and a pair of leather belt. Next, you only need to attach the straps and add the wood panel. It doesn’t require craft working or anything else. It looks expensive while you can make it in seconds.

Still hesitate to repurpose your old furniture or making it yourself? Surely not. Those ideas above are totally applicable even now. Pick one and see how it looks in your house.


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