8 Elements to use When Creating a Retro Kitchen


The vintage theme is coming back in style and not only used in clothes, but it is also very popular in the decoration area. This vintage or retro style is categorized as a fun decoration and it will bring a throw-back memory. The vintage decoration can be implemented in any rooms including kitchen and there are some highlighted point that can make this retro style stand out.

  1. Checkered Tile

Checkered things are much related with the retro theme. Having this checkered tile for your kitchen will definitely create the retro kitchen. You can choose white and black color, but if you want to be bolder, you can choose read and white.

  1. Polka Dots

Polka dot is the next element related to the retro style. It will show the femininity to the kitchen and it will add the funky style that cannot be separated from the retro theme itself. You can choose some decorations with polka dots, but focus on the linen that is nice.

  1. Red

The red theme is the signature of the retro style since it brings out the playful side of it. You can use this red theme to accompany other neutral color to make it more stand out.

  1. Funky Hardware

The next signature of the retro style is the funky theme of it. You can change your kitchen hardware to the funky hardware, such as using knobs to substitute the drawer pulls. Even if it is only a small thing, you need to consider it thoroughly.

  1. Throwback Appliances

The next thing to consider is changing the appliances to the oldies appliance. Try to find vintage appeal rather than the modern one and it will help to change the mood of the space itself.

  1. Tupperware

The next important thing to have is Tupperware. It has some retro vibes and it will be very convenience to use. Moreover, Tupperware will change the mood of the room and bring the nostalgic atmosphere.

  1. Coca-cola

Adding coca-cola theme to your kitchen will bring the retro theme and it will also add playful and funky personality to your kitchen. Moreover, coca-cola has red color on it and it is very suitable for this retro theme.

  1. Clocks, Scales, and Timers

Since little details matter in this retro theme, adding vintage clocks, scales, and timers are recommended. It will bring out the retro mood and antiqueness of the kitchen.


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