Adorable Retro Kitchen Ideas


Aside from the modern cooking utensils, there is one more thing that could help you to boost the energy while making dishes: color and theme. Since having a contemporary concept is just too common, why don’t you play a little bit with vintage concept? Blowing in new atmosphere surely affect the cooks and entertain the guest as well.

  • White Floral

If someone could list the retro icons, broken white and floral must be on the list. You can combine these two for the new concept. For the furniture, most of them should be painted white or broken white. To avoid blinding effect, let the surface of the table has natural wood color.

Then here comes the fun part. Install a simple curtain bar to cover your lower shelves, window and cushion. Make sure the pattern is similar. Show up the adorable side with floral printed curtain. If you have the choice, then pick the one with oversized pink flowers in abstract manner.

  • Flourish

Maybe resetting the whole kitchen is too much for the house owner. However, the urge of having a charming retro style corner cannot be declined. If you want to bridge these needs, then transform the condiment shelves to a whole new level. Instead of displaying boring powder, change it to metal jar with lovely pictures in it.

One edgy combination is white with bold color, while the color of the lid or body doesn’t ruin the printed pictures on the body. Alternating the height is great, but not for this case. Putting the condiment bottle by group would be easier. Pair it with another flourish decoration like the hanging curtain.

  • Blue And Orange

Another champion for retro concept is blue and orange. They are both charming and bold. Going back in the 80s, bold color is the beauty symbol. It would also be a great solution for those who don’t like to make or put handcrafting decoration. Paint the wall of your cooking area with ocean blue color. As for the chair, choose the orange ones.

Whenever you are going to spend more money to purchase cups or shaker, make sure the items have blue or orange lines on the body. If possible, white base is preferred. It allows the other colors to shine brighter.

  • Checkerboard Curtain

In some cases, you just have too much items and none of them is broken. The best plan would be shoving these belongings to the corner of the room. Considering that in another project you might still need the equipments, why don’t you keep them in a fancy way?

To distract eye focus, stack the bowls and plate tidily, everything is arranged from smaller pieces to the biggest ones. Then on the top, you will need extra checkerboard curtain. Pick bright color like red and the guest will surely set their eyes to it first.

Many women have an ideal model for their kitchen. Out of the wish lists, the components of comfortable and practical are the top priorities. While keeping the highest efficiency possible, you shouldn’t give up the artistic side. Try to splash pastel color, choose rounded objects, and hang floral curtain in the kitchen. See for yourself how these tricks could change the whole kitchen vibe!


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