Best DIY Fall Decor Ideas to Keep Your Home in Style


Fall season is filled with warm feeling, farmhouse style, rustic details, and of course, pumpkins. Keeping your style in this season means you need to embrace those aspects and incorporate it in your décor. Your options are actually limitless but you may not know how to start. Check out these ideas for a start.

  • Fall Wreath

There is no rule that wreath is only possible for Christmas. Fall wreath is probably the most interesting greeting for your guests while it is fun already just by looking at it. Make sure to incorporate fall colors like burned orange and warm fall leaves shade on your wrath. Hang it and show your neighbor how you greet the season.

  • Leaf Garlands

Why do you have to wait until the leaves fall to have this décor? It is perfect on your vacant wall over the cabinet in your living room. Having this décor earlier is fun and you can actually make the faux paper leaves by yourself at home. Hang it right away and feel how it gives you a spark this season.

  • Burlap Pumpkin

Some people may think pumpkin is to cliché but it feels wrong when you work on fall décor without this detail. Of course, you can always be creative with the idea. Instead of using the mainstream pumpkin again, you can try making this burlap pumpkin for a twist. It works well with the theme yet cute!

  • Cinnamon Sticks Candle Holder

This is actually a simple idea and it is small as well. However, it simply warms the dining table in the most incredible way. Not only that it smells and looks good, it actually blends well in your dining décor. It is easy to make and it doesn’t require too many materials as well.

  • Hello Fall Sign

There is nothing express your excitement on the fall season other than this sign. Of course, we want it being rustic so we will use wood and a little paint job for the writing. It doesn’t need to be neat. Let it be old and reckless, and let’s not forget to incorporate the warm colors like red, orange, and ripped leaves shade.

So it doesn’t have to be sophisticated. Instead, stay with something simple and easy to keep it rustic. DIY-ing your décor is absolutely a great idea. You can make it even earlier so you can hang them right on time.


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