Best DIY Home Decor on a Budget


Do you know that many of the most beautiful home décor are actually cheap to make? You don’t have to spend extravagant budget to make the house homier. There are simple décor you can actually make and they will instantly upgrade your home in an expensive look. Check out the following décor items.

  • Bathroom Candle in Jar

This décor item only needs your old jar, big enough for the candle, and sand. Next, you only need to add the candles inside the jar. It is neat and it can be used again and again while it adds romantic atmosphere in the bathroom in an instant. It makes your bathroom looks more sophisticated and expensive.

  • Plant on Wall

With only several wooden planks, nails, and plants pots, you can have this rustic and gorgeous looking wall planter. It makes a perfect décor for both the indoor and outdoor. While it makes the space looks prettier in an instant, it actually saves more space for the house as well. You can plant on many pots, and you don’t need more space.

  • Word Wall Art

This becomes a thing today in which people attach word with deep meaning for them on the house wall. The placement is flexible. You can choose the spot as you see fit. These words are made of simple materials like reclaimed wooden planks with a little touch of repainting. Hang words that is suitable for the room like this wall art in the dining room and kitchen.

  • DIY Photography Wall

In this idea, you don’t need frames but you need wooden plank for the platforms. It looks almost like coat hanger at glance but it is actually a photography wall décor. This sample displays black and white collection of photos, and it makes a gorgeous match to the rustic platform. You can choose other nuance or you can hang colorful photos too.

  • Kitchen Blackboard

Using blackboard as decoration is actually not a new thing but it is still rarely used. This is a perfect way to cover a vacant wall and add vibe on the space. While it makes a cute décor for the kitchen, it can be functional as well. The blackboard here serves as planters, note board, and décor all at the same time. Genius!

The possibility to décor your house with budget is endless. You have many options, and if you are willing to get your hands dirty, you can have a more elaborated look even. Want to try now?


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