Cheap DIY Home Décor for Apartments


Decorating the apartment doesn’t have to hurt your wallet at all. In fact, with rustic style is being in trend as well, there are several décor items that you can make yourself. It is easy while it looks expensive in the end. If you need some ideas on what to make, the following list should give you enough inspirations.

  • Old Frame Shelves

While frames logically make the right wall décor anytime, repurposing the old ones into shelves like this is brilliant. The décor alone looks naturally make sense. Meanwhile, it looks unique at the same time for being re-functioned. You can add smaller décor items while storing books looks right as well. Nothing can go wrong with these frames.

  • Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirror makes a beautiful focal point for the entire decoration in a room. It always looks sophisticated while it actually enriches the dimension and depth of the room at the same time. Do you know that you can make this mirror by yourself? The technique is pretty simple while it promises you with expensive look.

  • Wall Paper Craft

This stylish looking wall art is made of paper only. With careful measurement and full attention on the arrangement, this paper craft makes an expensive looking décor on your wall. The materials needed are cheap enough so you can save more money. While the making process takes time, you can refinish the paper with any color you see fit.

  • Autumn Leaf Bowl

This is another stylish option for a décor. The bowl offers the warmest feeling while it is functional at the same time. Store some candies on the bowl for the Halloween night. You need almost nothing to complete it. The color and uniqueness already represents the best style, making it a decoration completion naturally.

  • Old Door Photo Frame

Can this décor get even better? The idea of repurposing the old door is already brilliant and it is now hung on the wall as photo frames. It looks totally rustic as it is, and the photos now get the best frames in the house. It fills an empty wall in the best way, while it will make a great focal point as well.

Now you have more than enough options for cheap décor. You can use your old furniture or you can make something new out of almost nothing. Either option will upgrade your apartment look instantly.


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