Clever DIY Furniture Hacks


Many DIY-ers today are so creative that they actually reclaimed old things and change it into furniture item. Their ideas can be very surprising yet pleasing at the same time. If you are interested in such projects, the following hacks should give you enough to think about. Hence, it gives you new furniture piece without spending a lot on your budget.

  1. Door Bed Headboard

When it comes to DIY projects, door is a great thing to upcycle. This time, the old door is transformed into a bed headboard, which makes an awesome one. It has the right size, and it has the right focal point value. It takes only small works to finish it, yet it looks like a designer piece.

  1. Petite Bookcase

Curbside of an old TV is actually too valuable to throw away. Removing the TV, the curbside offers enough space on the inside while the outside only need a little refinish to change its original look. With a little work to add the shelves, and a little paint job on both the inside and outside of the piece, it is successfully transformed into a small and shabby bookcase that can be used as a night stand as well.

  1. Old Ladder Towel Hanger

Even though it isn’t a new idea anymore, it is still a brilliant thing to try. The old ladders offer more than enough rows of towel hanger originally. All we need to do is giving it a refinish and wax it to protect the wood. Lean it on the wall and you have hanger and décor at the same time.

  1. Old Tire Ottoman

The shape is perfect. If you want an ideal ottoman out of the old tire, you have perfect size but you need to refinish it. A little glue work with rope strands will be adequate to make the cover. However, a little more work on top and below part allows you to have cushioned ottoman with a small space in there for hidden storage.

  1. Wall Shelves Out of Old Drawers

Those drawers from your old drawers will make vintage looking shelves on your vacant wall. It doesn’t involve a lot of work to reclaim it. Simply clean it out, and give it a refinish if you want to, including the inside. Next, hang it on your wall with your planned structure and add your favorite decors.

So there are more than enough items that can be recycled in the most amazing ways. The best thing about those hacks above is that they don’t take a lot of expense and they are simple and fast to make. Care to try?


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