Creative Retro Lighting Design


Choosing suitable lamp to accompany your retro themed room is pretty easy. Since retro theme is becoming a favorite theme now, there are more companies that offer the retro themed lamp. The designs are varied, from the simplest one to the complex design. You can choose one of them based on your needs and based on your budget also.

  • Big Round Lamp

The first lighting design for your retro room is the sputnik chandelier. It is designed with big round shape and it will make your room more unique. This kind of lamp will make the light diffuse. You can hang this lamp in the middle of the room, and you do not need to add more lamps for the room.

  • Filament Light Bulbs

These kinds of light bulbs are firstly invented by Alfa Edison and it comes with different shapes and sizes. The disadvantage of using these light bulbs is that they have short life span for more or less 500 to 1000 hours. The filament light bulbs are very suitable if you want to have vintage industrial concept. Moreover, you can combine several light bulbs to be used in your room to make the vintage atmosphere.

  • Floor Lamp

This lamp is also called Amy floor lamp. It is named after a British singer and songwriter, and it represent her black hair, round earrings and golden voice. This lamp is made especially for reading. The materials used to make this lamp are like they were made in 50’s era and it will emphasize the vintage atmosphere for your room.

  • Mid Century Nightstand (scissor lamp)

The mid-century nightstand is made by metal and it brings a vintage atmosphere since it resembles old library wall lamp. Moreover, this lamp provides plenty of light and looks pretty sweet. The advantage of using this lamp is that this lamp can be extended to 8 inches long. This kind of lamp can also be tilted for almost 90 degrees and it is useful if you want to read at night.

  • Sputnik lamp

This lamp is also from the mid-century similar to the previous nightstand. It is named after a spacecraft that is popular in 50s and 60s. It has unique shape and it will stand out for your room. If you are using this lamp, it will bring simplicity to the room yet it is also exciting in bringing the mid-century atmosphere.


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