DIY Blanket Ladder Under $10


Making some crafts and décors does not always need much money. You can create some beautiful décors for no more than $10. Yes, you read that correctly! To create this DIY blanker ladder, you only spend about $5 for the lumber. This décor will give an amazing cozy atmosphere in your living room.


  • Three 1″ x 3″ x 6′ pine boards
  • Miter saw
  • Nailer
  • Weathered gray stain
  • If you do not have a nailer in your home, you could also use wood screws.



Measure and cut the lumber to suit the desired size. Actually, we want to create the blanket ladder about five feet tall. However, you could adjust the size easily. We need two 65″ for the sides of the ladder and four 17.75″ for the ladder rungs. Furthermore, make sure that you have cut a slight angle on the bottom of the ladder sides. Check whether they can easily lean against the wall. You must note that the angle size determines the distance from the wall.


Put the lumber pieces together. However, before that, draw a line in the center from the top to the bottom on the outside of the boards. It will make it easier for you to know where you should put the nails. You can start on the first rung 3” from the top of the ladder. Then, give a space about 16” between the first and second rungs. Repeat the step until all four rungs nailed to the ladder sides. To ensure the ladder’ strength, put two nails on every board on both sides.


Stain it! We have come to the most fun part! Start staining the blanket ladder with the weathered gray. You can also use other gorgeous colors that you love. After that, let the ladder dry in about an hour.


Finally, put the blanket ladder inside your living room. After the stain has dried, put the ladder in your living room and decorate it by putting three blankets on the rungs. Your living room looks cozier than ever before. Combine the ladder with the suitable rug! It will make the room extra fantastic!

Isn’t it fantastic? You can create an amazing DIY blanket ladder for under $10! If you have the other materials, you only need to spend $5 for the lumber. Such a cheap, yet gorgeous décor! What do you think? On top of that, your room has become cozier. Whenever it gets a bit cold, just grab the blanket!


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