DIY – Build Your Own Entry Table


Do you need a new entry table, but you do not want to spend much money on buying one? Why don’t you make it yourself, then? Building an entry table is quite easy. In addition, you can build a stunning one for less than $40! Save your money for other stuff and prepare your tools!


  • (2) 2x2x8
  • (1) 1x4x10
  • (1) 2x6x8
  • (1) 2x8x8
  • * If you want to keep it low in price, you can opt to digging via the furing strips, normal ones, at your own risk. However, you can also choose the straight premium cuts.
  • Rope (optional)
  • Your choice of thickness and around a 50′ roll
  • Screw down D-Ring or Screw-in Eye Hook wide enough for rope.
  • Stain or paint
  • Polycrylic if you choose to stain


  • Measure, mark, and cut the pieces! In this example, the dimensions of the table we would make are 33″H x 48″W x 15″D. You can easily adjust it according to your need though. In measuring and cutting the boards, it would be better if you use a square.

  • Use your Kreg pocket-hole jig to make some pocket holes in the boards according to your building plans.

  • Join the two pieces together. Put the screws on the holes you have made using the jig, then screw them down.

  • Then, follow the steps of the building plans till you get the following result.

  • After you finish the table top and the shelf, install the two center posts. Here’s how it looks upside down. In this example, we used a scrap piece of 1×4 in order to hold the center supports level and straight. Then, nail it at an angle using a finishing gun.

  • Then, stain the entry table. You may try to play around with a scrap of wood first to check the result before staining all the surfaces of the table.

  • Use the polycrylic as a satin finishing layer.

  • After that, drill a hole on the underneath part of the table top in the middle of each side.  Next, screw the O ring which will hold the rope.

  • Use two separate pieces to tie the rope. Since we have six legs, go from back left, through the O ring, then go to the middle Next, go to the O ring on the other side and after that to the back right leg. Repeat the steps with the second length of rope on the other legs.  Thus, it goes from front left to O ring, to back middle, to O ring, to front right.

  • To wrap and knot the rope, tie it once and leave some inches of the end. Next, wrap the longest part of the rope around the base two to three times. After that, thread the rope through the top loop of the rope. Then, take the rope to the O rings and other legs. Finally, wrap and tuck the ends.

  • Voila! It is done!

It is quite simple, isn’t it? Building your own entry table is fun and easy. Furthermore, it is cheap! You can get a new fabulous furnishing for under $40. You can adjust the size yourself to fit the space in your room. Plus, you can play around with the color. Just put some décors on it and see your room looks more gorgeous.


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