DIY Crate Bookshelf Tutorial


This idea is even adopted by IKEA, which should be a proof that it is actually a brilliant idea. If you have so many books on different sizes and thickness, this bookshelf doesn’t only offers you the appropriate space but also easy access to get it, not to mention decoration value it adds for being rustic. Want to make one? It’s easy peasy. Learn here.


  • 8 crates made of unfinished woods (size: 12.5 inches tall x 17.75 inches long x 9.5 inches depth)
  • L bracket
  • An inch screws
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Minwax paste
  • Minwax Provincial Stain, choose any color you prefer
  • Plastic table cloth
  • Rags
  • 6 to 8 sponge brushes
  • Sander or sandpaper

The Making Steps

  • First, we need to sand down the crates to remove its roughness. Sand down your crates using sander or sandpaper. It can take a long time so you may consider finishing this step in one or two days before continuing to the next step. It is important to sand it down so its roughness doesn’t ruin your book or hurt your kids.
  • Now, we are going to refinish the crate. Layout the plastic table cloth and place the crates over the cloth. Take the sponge brush and paint the entire surface of the crate. Pay attention on corners and bents. It can be tricky. Then wipe it using the rags. The sponge brush is easily ruined so prepare some for the entire crates.
  • Leave the crate for around 8 hours to dry. Then, wax the crate using the lint free rag. When you are done waxing, wait for 10 minutes and then wipe it clean. This step isn’t a must but the wax will protect your wood and it should serve you more years by then.

  • Now we are going to attach the crates to each other. Choose a crate that you consider the strongest and firmest as the base. Arrange the crates as you want it and hold them together so they don’t shift. First, work with the two crates that are going to be the base. Pre-drill them from the inside using the screw.

  • Continue building the bookshelf. Work with one crate at a time and make sure the surface is lining up. When you are done, check on the bookshelf and add screws on weak spots to secure it. This part can be frustrating but keep going. You’re almost done.


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