DIY Crate Coffee Table Project


Do you have unused old crates but they are too good to be thrown away? Do not worry; you can make use of them by making the coffee table from them. They can bring the rustic and vintage decoration for your room.


  • 4 pieces of old crates
  • 4 pieces of L brackets, small ones
  • Wood sander, skip if you don’t need to sand the edges
  • 24 pieces of wood screws, the 5/8” ones
  • 4 pieces of caster wheel, ones with locks
  • Paint brush, towel, or foam
  • Wood stain
  • 1 piece of plywood, the heave duty one


  • Take the crates and the electric wood sander, and sand the entire edges the crates have. This is way safer if you are terrible with sharp edges.

  • Now, clean the crate from debris and dirt, and we can start staining the wood. You can use paint brush, towel, or foam to do this. Stain the entire surface inside and outside and let it dry. Repeat the same procedure once again. You will need at least two layers of staining or more, depending on your crate condition.

  • While waiting for the carts to dry, take the plywood. Attach the caster wheels on one side of the ply wood. One wheel should be attached on one corner of the plywood. Measure first to make sure they are attach on the same exact position.

  • Now, let’s assemble the coffee table. Arrange the crates on top of the plywood. Here, the inside of the crates are facing out, and they are set horizontally. At the side that touches the plywood, drill at least 4 screws to secure the position. Continue this procedure with all crates. Next, when the crates are well attached to the plywood base, we need to secure them to each other as well. Drill and add screws on the side where your crates are attached to each other.

  • With crates are forming a table now, measure the middle side of the table, the space between the crates. We are going to fit in a piece of plywood there so you can place a vase or anything on it. Cut the plywood based on the measurement, and sand it. Give it the same stain as the crates and let it dry.

  • Attach the L brackets on the crates. Here, there are two sides that get the brackets, and each side gets a pair of them. Then, add the last piece of plywood in it. Your coffee table is ready.


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