DIY Farmhouse Bench That You Can Build Yourself


Having a bench in your house will be very beneficial both for seating and for decoration. On the other hand, the bench will be pretty expensive and in common shapes if you look at the furniture stores. If you want to have unique bench with cheap price, you can try making it yourself like this Farmhouse bench.


  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Wood glue
  • Saw
  • Kreg Jig
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ear protection
  • Measurement Tape
  • Wood paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Boards
  • Pencil
  • Wood conditioner


  • Measure the length and height of your desired bench or you can use the measurement listed here. Start cutting the boards using saw; 4 pieces of 48 inch, 2 pieces of 14.25 inch, 1 piece of 34 inch, and 1 piece of 36 inch. Do not forget to use the safety glasses and ear protection while doing this DIY.

  • Cut the boards again for the legs; 4 pieces for 14 inch and 2 pieces for 9 inch. Make sure that those boards have the same thickness.

  • Use the boards that you have cut before; the 14 inches will be the outside legs, while the 9 inch will be the inside legs. Start joining the legs together using the wood glue then use the drill and screws or you can use Kreg Jig for it to have the same measurement. Add 2 pieces of 14.25 on top of the legs.

  • Place the 36 inch board for center brace on the top and the 34 inch board for the lower legs and attach them to the legs by using the drill and screw. Then, you have finished the legs of the bench.

  • After you have done the legs, attach the bench top on the legs using the 4 pieces of 48 inch, arrange them on the top of the legs, and secure them together with the drill and screws.

  • Finish the bench using the sandpaper to have the even surface.

  • Use wood conditioner to protect the wood.

  • Paint the bench using your favorite color or you can leave it as it is if you like to have the rustic touch.

This Farmhouse bench is pretty easy to make, and it will be the alternative for the decoration of your room. After it has finished, you can place it in the hallway, on your kitchen, at the corner of the room, and etc. Then, what are you waiting for?


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